Still Water Floats


Stillwater Floats.

To get the most from your time on the bank its best to use the right tools for the job and that is what these floats are.

Our Stillwater Floats are designs that have been perfected over many years by some of the country’s top anglers, both past and present.

With models ranging from driftbeaters to crystal clear insert wagglers and everything in between, the right float for your still water fishing is right here.


  • Premier Straight Balsa Waggler.

A straight Balsa Waggler float is one of the most versatile floats you’ll ever find. Taking over from the peacock floats of old, it is at home on rivers or in lakes and offers the angler a multitude of different options.

The thicker tip makes it perfect for ‘dragging the bottom’ on slow rivers or when drift is causing a problem in still waters.

Finished in matt black with red tops.

Sizes: 5BB, 3AAA, 4AAA, 5AAA.


  • Premier Straight Insert Balsa Waggler.

Being made from specially selected and graded balsa wood, this float is a super alternative to the peacock floats of old. An Insert Waggler float is at home on rivers or in lakes and offers the angler a multitude of shooting patterns.

The tip, whilst still being visible, is fine enough to show the shyest of bites and is superb for fishing ‘on the drop’.

The floats are finished in matt black and feature a hi-vis top.

Sizes: 5BB, 3AAA, 4AAA, 5AAA.

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Straight Balsa Waggler, Insert Balsa Waggler


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