STROFT GTM Tapered Leader


This conical nylon leader is very popular amongst fly fishers for its superior knot strength, low memory and great turnover. Due to its blue transparent color and its durable ability to ride high on the water, the Stroft GTM is a great choice for dry fly fishing especially. Details: Knotless tapered nylon leader.

The best material (STROFT GTM) with the highest tensile and knot strength, with its low reflection is practically imperceptible
to fish, has high abrasion resistance, elasticity and suppleness.

• Perfectly tuned structural design, in combination with the degressive taper results in highly efficient energy transfer
and perfect fly presentation.
• The shock-absorbing properties of the butt in combination with the taper aids playing and landing the fish safely.
• Leaders attached to cards that perfectly fit the Stroft Leather Leader Holder or conveniently in most pockets

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