Super Flying C


The Super ‘C’ Lures are manufactured by three colleagues and friends, who have worked together for over 30 years. They take a pride in creating Quality Handmade Irish Products and know these to be the very best fishing lures.

The Super ‘C’ Lures are available in four weights – 10g, 15g, 23g and 28g.

The Blade is a French Type Spinner, available in Silver, Copper or Gold.

The Rubber Bodies are Best Quality Rubber, available in Black, Red, Yellow or Purple. We cut the tail at a specific angle, for Optimum Vibration and Performance.

We use Razor Sharp VMC Trebles or Kamasan Single B980 Hooks.

The Super ‘C’ is only available with Lead Body at present.

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Size 2-Silver/Red, Size 2-Gold/Red, Size-2 Copper/Red, Size 2-Silver/Yellow, Size 2-Gold/Yellow, Size-2 Copper/Yellow, Size 2-Silver/Black, Size 2-Gold/Black, Size 2-Copper/Black, Size 3-Silver/Red, Size 3-Gold/Red, Size-3 Copper/Red, Size 3-Silver/Yellow, Size 3-Gold/Yellow, Size-3 Copper/Yellow, Size 3-Silver/Black, Size 3-Gold/Black, Size 3-Copper/Black, Size 4-Silver/Red, Size 4-Gold/Red, Size-4 Copper/Red, Size 4-Silver/Yellow, Size 4-Gold/Yellow, Size-4 Copper/Yellow, Size 4-Silver/Black, Size 4-Gold/Black, Size 4-Copper/Black, Size 5-Silver/Red, Size 5-Gold/Red, Size-5 Copper/Red, Size 5-Silver/Yellow, Size 5-Gold/Yellow, Size-5 Copper/Yellow, Size 5-Silver/Black, Size 5-Gold/Black, Size 5-Copper/Black