Tasmanian Devil 13g



Very effective trout catcher. The Tasmanian Devil or “Tassie Devil” as it is more affectionately known, was born in 1979The Lure consists of a hollow weighted, torpedo shaped central core surrounded with plastic including curved wings out each side. A wire loop with hook coupled is fitted through the core. Various patterns, colours and designs are painted on the exterior. These latest versions now feature a line through style system. Included in the pack is a bead and hook allowing the user a more flexible range of mounting options.



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Corroboree Frog, Eliminator, Bull Frog, Aussie, Hot Canary, Fireball, Pink Panther, Hornet, Christmas Tree, Pink Fish, Foxy Lady, Frog, Brown Bomber, Spotted Rainbow, Silver Christmas Tree, Harlequin, Red Wings, Yellow Wings, Kg Special, Pink My Frog, Spotted Dog, Liquorice All Sorts, Black Betty, Mardi Gras, Pink Lady, Rowleys Riot, Abigail, Sunset Frog, Smashing Pumpkin, Bleeding Pearl, Green Grenade, Black Thunder, Bleeding Flamingo, Willys Special, Bleeding Special, Bronze Whaler, Tj Special, Tribal, Christmas Beetle, Gold Panther, Lovettia, Bengal Tiger, Luminous Chartreuse, Oscar Mikii, Eruption, Eucumbene Bomber, Anglers Arty, Starburst, Funky Frog, Phosphorous Pear, Holographic