TRG Self Shine Shoe Cream With Applicator Sponge 50ml


TRG Shoe Cream polish is ideal for shining all smooth leathers. The time-honored formula has a rich, creamy texture, and is blended from the finest waxes. Great for shining shoes and boots. This polish works on leather and vinyl shoes. 50ml.

The best way to use the TRG Cream is with a shine cloth, or an old t-shirt. Open the jar and dip the cloth into the polish lightly. Rub gently in a circular motion until the entire shoe has been covered – not too heavy, a little bit goes a long way. Turn the cloth over and lightly buff the shoes or boots. This should bring out a nice shine.
Don’t be afraid if the color of the polish is not an exact match to the shoe or boot. As long as you are a within a couple of shades, the polish will blend in. These are not dyes, so the polish will enhance the color, but never change the color.

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White, Black, Navy Blue, Middle Brown, Dark Brown, Bordeaux, Light Gray