Tsunami Black Plastic Sea Boom 12.5cm

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Tsunami Plastic and Wire Sea Booms cover the needs of all type of sea fishing. Supplied with a heavy duty clip and swivel attached. Both plastic and wire booms are popular and are often talked about in avid fishing communities. Depending on the needs of the outing and the conditions of the waters, either plastic or wire will fit the bill.


Plastic Booms are much more buoyant and when fishing smaller baits or in calmer waters, the boom cantilevers upwards as the gentle surge passes through. An advantage of wire booms is their weight, so they will stay close to the seabed during more turbulent water patterns. No matter the need or situation, Tsunami Plastic and Wire Sea Booms will deliver.


The Tsunami range of plastic and wire sea booms covers the needs of all type of sea fishing from the 40cm Twin Spreader boom down to the 10cm wire boom. One thing is certain, if they are sold under the Tsunami brand – they won’t let you down!


  • Made from strong plastic
  • 12.5cm
  • 2pcs.
  • BLK
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Additional information