Westin Danny The Duck Hollowbody



Danny the Duck in the hollow body version, the perfect weapon for big mean bass. They will go crazy for this baby duckling! Super weedless design to be fished in heavy cover. Just imagine a big bass inhaling Danny in front of you! If you twitch him, Danny will swing out 180-degrees in tight short swings and stays long on the hot-spot, fish him fast or slow, either way you can create that hopping action with a unique bubble trail just like a fleeing duckling, the beak will also add a unique front splash, don’t forget the pause! The small soft feets adds extra attraction fluttering below the surface. This is such a cool and fun lure to fish with. Thanks to the hollow body Danny will collapse around the double-hook with high hook up ratio. Nasty predators are waiting for soft Danny, dead or alive! Quack quack!

  • Material: Soft Plastic
  • Top Water lure
  • Japanese-style Carbon Steel, wide-gap double-hook
  • Weedless design
  • Life-Like Lure
  • 180-degree swing when twitched
  • Hopping action with bubble trail
  • Soft feets for enticing underwater action
  • Hand painted detailed colors
  • 9cm
  • 18g
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Yellow Duckling, Brown Duckling 8cm