Westin Jerkbite


We have added to our “Bite” range an absolutely amazing Jerkbait that we simply had to call “Jerkbite”. It took two years to perfect this bait and the results speak for themselves. Designed to be fished as a jerkbait / twitchbait in all conditions. Fish it quickly and aggressively while pulling your rod in short or longer pauses depending on the fish’s mood. During the colder months, fish the Jerkbite with longer breaks between each haul. Even with regular retrieval you will get a fantastic action from this slim bait. The key to the strike are the pauses in which the lure remains precisely in the strike zone thanks to the perfectly balanced suspensive action. This bait will clean up when all else fails. Jerkbite is equipped with our integrated long throwing system where two steel balls fall into the tail when thrown and end up in the belly when retrieved. This system ensures long and accurate casts and contributes to the extremely effective dart action – just like a panicking baitfish. Made from the finest materials with the strongest and sharpest hooks, the Jerkbite is ready for action no matter what predator you’re after.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead free
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks
  • Realistic eyes
  • Hand-painted detailed colors
  • Designed to be fished as a jerkbait / twitchbait
  • Integrated longcast system
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Additional information


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