Westin Coated Stainless 49 Strand Wire


  • Discover the advantages of our coated stainless steel wire for your fishing endeavours. Crafted from silky-soft 49-strand stainless steel, this wire offers flexibility, easy knot tying, and added durability, thanks to its protective coating. The coating provides enhanced resistance against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in various fishing conditions. With its matte black color and five different strengths, this is the ideal choice for making traces and rigs. Enjoy the benefits of coated wire, including improved durability, enhanced corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.

    • Stainless high carbon steel wire matte black
    • 7×7 strands braided with perfection
    • Perfect for crimps and easy to knot
    • Soft, strong, durable and flexible
    • Coated with abrasion resistant Co-Polyamide
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Additional information



6kg 13lbs 0.40mm Matte Black, 14kg 30lbs 0.48mm Matte Black, 17kg 37lbs 0.60mm Matte Black, 24kg 53lbs 0.78mm Matte Black, 34kg 75lbs 0.78mm Matte Black, 6kg 13lbs 0.27mm Matt Brown, 14kg 30lbs 0.36mm Matt Brown, 17kg 37lbs 0.45mm Matt Brown, 24kg 53lbs 0.54mm Matt Brown, 24kg 53lbs 0.70mm Matt Brown, 34kg 75lbs 0.63mm Matt Brown, 24kg 53lbs 0.70mm Matt Black