Westin W3 Dutch Orange Braid


  • Experience the unrivalled power of Westin’s W3 DUTCH ORANGE 8 BRAID – the ultimate fishing line designed for passionate anglers. Available on 135m spools, 300m spools (larger diameters only) and bulk spools (all diameters), this line has the versatility for any fishing adventure. The smooth and round construction guarantees exceptional performance, giving smooth casts and precise control. The vibrant bright orange color enhances visibility, ensuring you never lose sight of your line. With high abrasion resistance and a PPI (Picks Per Inch) of 30, this braid confidently tackles the toughest fishing conditions. Elevate your fishing experience today, and witness the difference for yourself.

    • Designed as an all round 8X braided line for fishing
    • Premium Japanese UHMPE fibres
    • Round profile for better performance
    • Construction of 32 weaves per inch
    • Excellent colour retention.
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Additional information



3kg 7lbs 135m, 3.5kg 8lbs 135m, 5kg 11lbs 135m, 6.1kg 13lbs 135m, 7.9kg 17lbs 135m, 10.1kg 22lbs 135m, 12.3kg 27lbs 135m, 16.5kg 36lbs 135m, 19.4kg 43lbs 135m, 22.1kg 49lbs 135m, 23.2kg 51lbs 135m, 19.4kg 43lbs 300m, 22.1kg 49lbs 300m, 23.3kg 51lbs 300m, 34.6kg 76lbs 300m, 38.7kg 85lbs 300m, 41.1kg 91lbs 300m