Westin W6 ST3 Fluorocarbon Clear



Balanced Performance:

  • ST3 Rating: Perfectly balanced for flexibility and strength, ideal for various fishing conditions.

Precision and Control:

  • Medium Stiffness: Offers excellent sensitivity and control for precision casting.
  • High Knot Strength: Ensures reliability and durability in your fishing endeavors.

Stealth and Efficiency:

  • Fast-Sinking: Quickly reaches the ‘strike zone’, enhancing your fishing efficiency.
  • Low Visibility Underwater: Less visible than monofilament lines, perfect for clear water fishing.

Versatile Use:

  • Diameter Range: Available from 0.14mm to 1.20mm, suitable for multiple fishing techniques.
  • 100% Fluorocarbon: Ensures the line’s integrity and performance.

“The Westin W6 ST3 Fluorocarbon Clear, available at Duohook.ie, is the ideal choice for anglers seeking a line that combines flexibility, strength, and stealth. Its unique properties ensure you have the right balance for any fishing situation.”

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Additional information

Additional information



0.14mm 3.1lbs 50m, 0.17mm 3.8lbs 50m, 0.19mm 4.8lbs 50m, 0.219mm 7.4lbs 50m, 0.26mm 9.9lbs 50m, 0.30mm 13.4lbs 50m, 0.343mm 17.3lbs 35m, 0.38mm 20.4lbs 30m, 0.44mm 25.5lbs 25m